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Maysville Volunteer Fire Company: Member Roster: 

Member Unit # Position Status
Heather Barger 242 EMT - Paramedic Active
Devan Ketterman 243 Firefighter Active
Rory Kuh II 244 President / Firefighter Active
Karen Kimble 248 EMT Active
Josh Goldizen 250 Trustee / Firefighter Active
Kris Crites 251 Chief / Firefighter Active
Mark Arnold 252 1st Lieutenant / Firefighter Active
Alisha Arnold 253   Leave of Absence
Colton See 254 Firefighter Active
David Franz 255 Firefighter Active
Darice Alt 256 Medic Active
Butch Moyers 257 Firefighter Active
CT Cook 258 Firefighter Active
Rodney Ludwig 259 Captain/Firefighter Active
Derek Alt 263 Medic/Firefighter Active
Jeffery Teter 264 Firefighter/EMT Active
Gerry 'Butch' Davis 266 Honorary Firefighter Active Honorary
Ashley Franz 267   Active
Josh Funk 268   Probationary
Samuel Cook 269   Probationary
Michael Rohrbaugh 271   Leave of Absence
  272 RETIRED  
Terry Sam Kuh 274 Trustee/Firefighter  
Caleb Willis 275 EMT Active
  276 RETIRED  
Dalton Strawderman 279 Junior Firefighter Active
Shawn Kimble 280 Honorary Firefighter Honorary Active
Kyle Porter 285 Vice President/Firefighter Active
Jesse Rohrbaugh 286 Firefighter Military Leave
Marvin Thorne 287 Chaplain/Firefighter Active
Rodney Barger 288 Assistant Chief/Firefighter Active
  289 RETIRED  
Steve Warner 291 Trustee/Firefighter Active
Larry Wratchford Jr. 292 Deputy Chief / Firefighter Active
Gary Warner 293 Firefighter Active
Dwayne Ketterman 295 Firefighter Active
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Line Officers

Name Office
Jeremy "Kris" Crites Chief
Larry Wratchford Jr. Deputy Chief
Rodney Barger Assistant Chief
Rodney Ludwig  Captain
Mark Arnold 1st Liuetenant
Stevie Warner Trustee
Josh Goldizen Trustee
Terry Sam Kuh Trustee

Executive Officers

Rory Kuh
Vice - President
Kyle Porter
Tamra Ketterman
Julie Crites
Marvin Thorne
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Maysville Volunteer Fire Company: EMS Officers

Squad Medical Director: Dr. Carmen Rexrode
Administrator / Squad Training Officer: Karen Kimble
Assistant Administrator: Rodney Ludwig
EMS Lieutenant: Rodney Ludwig
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Maysville Volunteer Fire Company: Associate Members:

John Lutz
Kathy Warner
Tamra Ketterman
Jodee Funk
Mikayla Goldizen
Julie Crites
Kyler Wilson
Destiny Ketterman
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